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Custom Printed Straws-Promotional Straw

Advertising and Promotional Straws 


As you know, Drinking Straws are in front of a billion people a day, so this the bset publicity approaches, if can make messages on the straws directly. However, make logo or text on the drinking straw is very difficult. Now, BOFA can do it! BOFA STRAWS used own unique printing technology and rich experience provide a way help our clients put their logo or text on the drinking straws for advertising and promotional. What's more, we can do CUSTOM IMPRINTED STRAW with personalized, all kinds of straws types all can be customized and printed!


BOFA DAILY NECESSITIES CO.,LIMITED, is one of the best Drinking Straws Suppliers in China, and the most professional Custom Printed Straws manufacture. PRINTING COLOR, is available in all Pantone colors and up to multi colors printing, including the metallic ink, also we are only one can do full colors printing. PRINTING AREA, from one same plane to 360 degrees printed, full printing area also can do, make your text on the entire length and circumference of the straws. BOFA PRINTED STRAW RANGE, can make your logo on all the sorts of modelling and various material of straws, Straight Straw, Flexible Straw, Spoon Straw, Art Straw, Crazy Straw, Color Changing Straw, Paper Straw, Stainless Steel Straw and etc. BOFA BRAND STRAW, provide you with unique personalised straw for promotional advertising for businesses, events, clubs and organizations.


Advertising Straws, are the most creative and unique marking tools available to advertisers. We take a creative approach to business promotion and customization techniques with your messages or businesses advertised subtly yet powerfully on the drinking straws. Make advertisement on the straws can be circulate in a wide variety of occasions other than business promotions, including event, party, bar, club, birthday, anniversary, holiday and political campaigning, help you be known more and more, this is best way for advertising.


Promotional Straws, are the most effective for drinks promotions, and club or bar branding. More and more wine group, beverage company, fast food industry make themselves custom straws using promo for advertising and make more large market and brand cognitive.


Brand Straw, make the straw printed with your brand to be a unique company brand straws on a variety of channels for the most effective propaganda, they are a great way at giving your brand exposure across various demographics.


LOGO Straw, help you create your own drinking straw, personal or company both can own it! It's the most economical and effective way of propaganda, they are affordable, they look impressive, they can be easily circulate.


BOFA PRINTED STRAW can be produced in mass quantities with FDA approved and food safety grade, also available in several different languages, the ink will not come off. Additionally, if you not very clear what you want, just tell us, we can help you design a idea as a better advertisment. More straws information pls visit our web or contact directly



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