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BOFA Daily Necessities Co., Limited.    -- A professional drinking straws and other catering disposables supplier

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Office Add: 7D08, World Trade Center, No.29 DongDu Road, Ningbo China 
Fujiang Straw Factory: Xinhan Industrial Zone HanJiang, PuTian China
Ningbo Tin Factory: Meiyuan YinJiang Town,YinZhou,NingBo China
Tel:  0086-574-83866015/83067575  (0852 30697520)  Fax:4008-266163-66112
M.T0086 13484287696   86+15869323729   15356017105

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E-mail: Mond@strawsupplier.com  for custom products
              Sonia@strawsupplier.com  for container order
Paul@strawsupplier.com/Hannah@strawsupplier.com for small order
              sales@cnnbbf.com  for any other products
Web: www.strawsupplier.com




Our Straw Factory Producing Department

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