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Advertising on a Straw?



As you know, Drinking Straw is widely used in life everyday, so if we can put our logo or text on the straw directly, this will be the most effective and economic way of propaganda.

However, make a logo or a text on the straw is very difficult. Now BOFA straw can do it! we provide a way help our clients put their logo or text on the straw for advertising and promotional.

Here's a great example of service appropriate advertising on a flexible straw for a Yoga Center. Very clever.

YOGA STRAWS, with big printing areas and full colors printing, also we can make printing on the bendable place, so when you drinking, the girl will doing yoga at the same time. So fun!



advertising straw

yoga center straw



Advertising your logo or text on a straw pls contact: rock@strawsupplier.com.