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Custom Imprinted Straws-Dodgers&MasterCard

Custom Imprinted Straws-Dodgers&MasterCard

Custom Imprinted Straws-Dodgers&MasterCard, Custom Imprinted Straws, Printed Straw, Drinking Straw



BOFA PRINTED STRAWS can be customized. 

BOFA CUSTOM IMPRINTED STRAWS own unique printing technology can make one color or multi colors do full area printing on the any straws.


4 in.length x 0.20 in.diameter up to 20 in.length x 0.5 in.diameter


Straws can be manufactured in all Pantone colors, also can be printed on the metallic straws


The entire length and circumference of drinking straws can be printed on


Print color is available in all Pantone colors and up to multi color printing, also available in metallic ink


-Biodegradable straws are available

-Flex straws, Spoon straws, Art straws or any other straws are all available

-Individually wrapped straws are available

-For further customization, contact: rock@strawsupplier.com

BOFA Straw can produce printed drinking straws that are FDA approved in any Pantone color and virtually any size with your logo 

or advertisement. It is one of the most creative and unique marketing tools available to advertisers.      

Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Artwork

Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Artwork

Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Product-Front & Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Product-Back

Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Product-Front Printed Straw-Dodgers&MasterCard-Product-Back

Logo Straw-MasterCard-Message&LOGO, Logo Straw-Dodgers-LOGO, Logo Straw-SipMarking-Website

Logo Straw-MasterCard-Message&LOGO Logo Straw-Dodgers-LOGO Logo Straw-SipMarking-Website 

Printed Straw-300pcs Retail Packaging

Printed Straw-300pcs Retail Packaging

On this sample, BOFA CUSTOM IMPRINTED STRAWS can printed three companies texts on the three different printing areas do the advertisements at the same time, The biggest printing degree can surround the straw.

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