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40pieces DIY Straws

40pieces DIY Straws

40pieces DIY Straws, drinking straws


If, for some odd reason, you ever get asked what your thoughts of straws are, chances are you will struggle to even from half an opinion! Sure, you might be able to remember those silly straw glasses you got in your Christmas stocking one year, or perhaps one of those bendy, curly straws that made an appearance some years ago.

But, of course, 9 times out of 10 a straw is just one of those boring straight-sided things you might have in your drink if you are in a fast food restaurant. Nothing special to particularly grab your attention.

DIY Straws have risen out of this bleak drinking accessory landscape and dared to be different! Consisting of 40 pieces, these straws will adds a new dimension to your drinking habits.

The supplied translucent straws are specifically designed to be used with DIY straws, so the straws will become different colours once different drinks passing. And they are designed to be more durable than standard straws and are therefore reusable.

Simply use your imagination and relive your childhood as you recreate those many hour spent building Lego and Meccano models, only this time you get a nice refreshing drink at the end of it as a reward for your crazy inventions!

You can even think up some new drinking games using DIY straws. How about building a multi-ended straw and mixing up your own cocktails as they travel up the pipes? You could get a hold of a few sets and start building a straw empire in your home! Have competitions with your friends to see who can build the most imaginative construction!

Product Features:

• Build your own multi-directional straw

• Get as creative as possible

• Share your drinks

• Make up some new drinking games

• 40 parts

• Non toxic

Pack Contains:

4 x U connector

3 x T connector

9 x Elbow connector

4 x Strait connector

7 x Small length straw

11 x Medium length straw

2 x Long length straw