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DIY Straws

DIY Straws, drinking straws



DIY Straws, can be customized. How many straws and connectors be a set is decided by you. For the watertight plastic connectors can be couloured and reuseable. 

Indulge your creative side whenever you make a drink - whether it's an exquisite cocktail or just a glass of water, these amazing DIY Straws let you sip with style! Create an endless array of twists, turns, splits and bends until your simple drink looks like a plumber has been let loose on a skyscraper! Used these DIY straw bulid or construct your own multi-directional straw, design your own style!

Different sized straws and connectors mean that ultra-imaginative constructions can be made, for an infinite number of different creative possiblities. Want to share a drink? No problem! You can even combine your drinks when slurping them up by connecting straws together. Place two ends in different drinks and join them together for a new twist on mixing drinks!

Also you can drinking with smoking together, just put cigarette on one connector. What's more, you can used the DIY straw lay to drink. What more can do only limited by your imagination!

-Build or construct your own multi-directional straw

-Share your drinks with your friends with a interconnected network of straws

-Get as creative as possible

-Make up some new drinking games