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U shaped Straws



U-shaped straw is convenient to use. The extendable U-straw can eliminate the size limitation of the I-straw and thus was a revolution in the drinking straw market when it was first started.

The U shaped straws are designed to reach the bottom of a cartoned drink. Usally they have one pointed end, which is used to pierce the entry point of the boxed drink and one rounded end which is placed in the mouth. The straw has 2 sets of folds on the tube to allow the straw to be bent twice when it is wrapped and packaged at our factory. When it is unwrapped and extended to its full length it is longer than the carton it is attached to, allowing the drinker to reach the bottom of the carton.

BOFA can supply U straws with 4±0.2mm diameter for all shapes and size of single portion liquid packaging. There are many different straw lengths to fit the vast assortment of boxed drinks from manufacturers such as TetraPak, International Paper, Combibloc, Elo-Pak. BOFA can supply correctly dimensioned U-straws for all shapes and sizes of single portion liquid packaging


The U shaped straws come individually wrapped in a continuous OPP film (Orientated Poly Propylene), which are applied to the side of a carton during the manufacturing process by a means of hot glue. The machine applicator then cuts off each straw for each carton. They can be packed in a mega box in only “Z” folded style.

U-straws are more convenient to use, and they have universal shelf appeal. Easy to use and great for children. Our U-shaped straw just slips into the package and lets consumers sip the contents - convenience that makes it the market leader.


The straws are manufactured from 100% Food grade polypropylene to ensure safety for the user. These straws conform to ASTM/FDA Standards. The OPP wrapper is also approved food grade.

U-shaped straw

U straws