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Color Changing Spoon Straws

Color Changing Spoon Straws

Color Changing Spoon Straws, magic colour changing spoon straws



Color Changing Spoon Straws, the color of spoon straw will change in a cold liquid or hot liquid

This spoon straw changes color in Cold Version.

It doesn't matter what you are, everyone's fascinated by these colour changing drinking straws! Somply pop them in an ice cold drink and watch as they change colour, just like magic! When you take them out again, they change back to their original colour at room temperature.

Each pack contains a variety of assorted colours, making them great fun for party、bar、BBQ and at home. They will delight kids if popped in a chilled glass of lemonade and look great in cocktails for adults.

Color: a variety of colors to choose, can be customized

Material: PP for food grade

All our color changing straws has approved with FDA/EU standard food contact and it's BPA free

The picture show: spoon straws change color from yellow to orange and from pink to purple. change color must in the same color system

Use our BOFA color changing spoon straws will different with others! Color will change drastically when the straws touch water under 15-17 Celcius degree and come back to normal color whenever under the room temperature.